Solid and reliable socks for car tires
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The offer of Autosock was prepared for people who are interested in improving the comfort and safety of car driving in winter conditions. The aforementioned company is offering special winter chains for car that are not made of metal. These are special socks for tires that are able to play the role of a perfect replacement for a traditional chain. These are special textile products that are very solid and resistant to mechanical damage, low temperature and other negative factors. These textile winter chains for car are not very heavy and the process of installation is easy. These snow socks provide high comfort and safety of driving, because they improve grip, shorten the braking distance, etc. They are very effective even in case of hard winter conditions. It is important to know that the offer includes snow socks for passenger cars, buses, trucks or even forklifts. There are different sizes available in the offer so everyone is able to find a good product.

Nazwa: AutoSock Operations AS

Adres: Fred. Olsens gate 2 0152 Oslo Norway

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